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Prototyping with a 3D printer: a full-fledged technic

While 3D prints were used in the beginning as model, this technic has evolved to a fully grown technic with a wide range of possibilities. New materials, continuously evolving and innovative technics, combined with 3D scanning…

3D printing of prototypes gives great added value to the whole production process.

3D printed prototypes: the advantages

  • Precision up to 0,2mm
  • Cheaper: no expensive machinery or moulds needed
  • Control: the prototype is printed straightaway, result immediately visible
  • Quick: can be produced inhouse
  • Always up-to-date: quick and easy to adjust parts and the production process

Quality 3D printed prototypes shorten the development process. This allows your company to start up the production process faster. Your production starts faster so you generate faster revenue..