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Professional 3D Printers

A 3D printer is an investment. And like any other investment you expect value for your money. For this reason, we went searching for partners whose priorities are quality and service, just like OMD 3D.

That’s why we are the official Belgian Reseller for Leapfrog, furthermore and because of persevering cooperation agreements we can provide other 3D printers.

Evidently, we guarantee quality and service for the all models that we sell.

Leapfrog Bolt Pro

Unique double extrusion

Both extruders are moving independently, this assuring a pure double-pint.

Print temperatures up to 360° makes that almost any materials can be easily printed.

Precision and reliability

Every functional part is made of steel for long and intensive use, high precision and reliability

Interchangeable and heated bed

The big heated bed can be changed at any moment, this to assure a non-stop workflow.

Dimensions: 300 x 320 x 205

Intelligent user interface
Operating the Bolt PRO is easy: make use of the 7” touch screen or use your own WIFI device.

Ideal for the office or factory

The large enclosed build volume is equipped with a HEPA carbon filter. Toxic fumes are reduced up to 99%. Above all the BOLT PRO is quieter than ever.

Leapfrog XceL

The possibility to make life sized objects with high precision.


  • A huge build platform (610 litters)
  • Dimension of print bed: 550 x500x 2320 mm
  • Perfect bed levelling calibration (patent)
  • Cross platform WIFI compatibility
  • Automatic load and detection of filament

Closed print environnement

The closed print room ensures a stable print environment, so the prints have a constant ambient temperature during the whole process.


With WIFI, any device with a browser can access the large 3d printer. This means that you can upload the file from your computer and start the print!


The patented Perfect Level ™ automatic calibration system makes it easier and faster to start printing, which saves time and money. Therefore The XceL will always be able to start immediately.

Loading the filament with auto-load function and the filament detection, give the dual extrude capability to see when there’s no (more) filament present. This buys you time to act and to place new filament, without losing the print

Big build volume

The Xcel is a large 3D printer with a build volume of 610l. This format along with many other functions – 10 micron layer thickness, enclosed print room, dual extrusion - gives lots of new possibilities on a large scale. Printing these huge objects take a lot more time. To limit the printing time, the flow of the filament in the nozzles is enhanced in the Xcel. A ‘standard' desktop printer has a flow of 6 mm³ per second, the Xcel has an astounding flow of 45 mm³ per second.

Stacker S2

An industrial 3D printer with large build and configurable printheads

Stacker S4

The big brother of the Stacker S2

  • 4 configurable printheads
  • Super big build volume 365x510x655mm
  • Easy-to-remove printheads to maximalise the build volume
  • Multi part printing: 4 print heads for 4 x printing speed. Print 4 identical parts in time of one
  • Wide range of material choice: 1,75 mm filament up to 300°C, PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PVA, PET, PETG, TPE, TPU, PC, and all ColorFabb filaments among which the XT-CF20 (Carbon Fiber), XT (Co-polyester), PLA-PHA, WoodFill, BrassFill, CopperFill, BronzeFill, and SteelFill.

Tractus 3D - T3000

The machine for really large objects

  • 2 printheads
  • Build volume
  • Incredible print resolution: 0,02 mm XY-axe an 0,05 Z-axe for the finest details
  • Quick printing: speed up to 300mm/sec
  • Robust
  • Easy maintainable