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We are passionate about technology and the possibilities of 3D printing for professionals. To pass on this passion and to open up the potential of 3D printing to enterprises, we offer professional devices from the Leapfrog range. This Dutch global player is aiming for better, faster and stronger machines and products with exceptional accuracy. OMD3D is proud of this extremely reliable and high-quality partner.

3D prototypes offer advantages in terms of price, speed, flexibility, durability, ... That is why we are very convienced of the possibilities of 3D prototyping. Within engineering or product development, 3D engineering can significantly reduce the distance between idea and practice.

We think along with your story and look for techniques to guide your project.

3D printing is the future and so we want to make this technology also available to individuals. OMD3D invalidates the myth that a 3D printer must be unaffordable for home users. We guide every customer in his search for quality.