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3D Printing and the environment

OMD3D has originated out the love for technology and engineering, and responds to technological evolutions. At OMD3D we like to think along with you. From design to realization of your final product you can always count on the highest quality and extensive service. We don’t just think ahead in technological terms and service level. No, we also keep in mind the day of after tomorrow in terms of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Society is paying more and more attention to sustainability, the care for the environment and recycling. In production processes we also look for solutions that burden the environment as little as possible and that handles raw materials in a responsible way. 3D printing offers the possibility to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

3D printing is fast, flexible, affordable and good for the environment. Printing products locally means that they are less transports, resulting in fewer exhaust fumes. In addition, 3D printing also makes it much easier to tailor a product and to repair it. That is why we waste less. Moreover, we increasingly use recycled material, which is more sustainable and limits the waste mountain.

OMD3D wants to go one step further. We are currently working with European partners to collect, re-use or recycle empty filament rolls. In a next step we collect and sort the print waste of different types of filament, so that this can also be recycled. In a final phase OMD3D will only print with recycled material. The ultimate goal? From 2019 OMD3D is completely self-sufficient and our machines work on renewable energy.

Curious about our green objectives? Interesting ideas that can make us greener?

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